Metaphor for the Late-Modern Academy
The Academy in the new millenium?

Gaudeamus Igitur

Well, maybe. Sometimes the Academy is really the pits, and you really don't think this is the most appropriate greeting. But put a pint of good Bass ale (whatever...) in one's hand, and things look rosier (drink it — lots rosier...).

A few occasional papers are published here. I have done less of that in the last couple decades, than popular writing (I have this preference for being paid when I work; I feel appreciated, too). Older academic things are indexed in the usual places.

Critique & "Critical Thinking"
Racism in the Academy
Managing Community Colleges
The Myth of the
Superior Asian Student
Human Habitat
Page proofs of the published version of my dissertation on cities.
Educational Computing:
St. Ann's I
A Definition of
Problems of the Social Sciences
Prolegomena to a Study of Cities
Hermeneutic Philosophy:
History as the
Singular Ground of Thought

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